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Life cycle management, usage analytics, ROI tracking, and forecasting of future needs

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Greener Solution

Zero-waste washable medical gown recycling program with impact tracking that requires little to no effort on your end

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“The [Alice Hamilton] gloves are antimicrobial, machine-washable, moisture-wicking, and comfortable.”

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“This is the highest quality knit top that I've worn”

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“The [Rufaida] hijab is modern, durable and protective.”

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Dorothy C.
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We tackled creating the most size-inclusive and comfortable safety apparel at the highest quality like a scientific experiment. We built a team of experts in fashion design, textile engineering, and production. We did research by talking to over one hundred women (and counting!). We took in feedback after each production to make each piece better.

The result? Safety apparel loved by thousands of customers across industries and in every part of the world.

Viridi® Zero-Waste Medical Gown Solution at Your Fingertips

AmorSui Viridi® integrates all the tools you need to establish a Zero-Waste washable gown recycling program in your practice without in-house laundry, with data to support the impact of your initiative. Clinics can track program progress so that they can actively manage medical gowns in a systemic manner without burdensome grunt work.



Choose from our selection of available gowns in sizes that fit your staff


Schedule a time and frequency of delivery that works for your practice.
Access to usage and sustainability data, and impact with our solution


Visualize your progress towards sustainability in  one location


We believe Sustainable Safety is Possible for Everyone

Join innovative clinics who prioritize the safety of their staff and everyone that is involved. Learn more about our Customer Partner Program to receive access to new products, influence over the direction of our company, exclusive discounts, and special gifts.

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