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We've designed the best-in-class, most comfortable, protective, and environmentally-friendly gowns that your staff will love!


Engineered for reusability from thread to fabric

5+ Inclusive Sizes

Guaranteed fit for everyone in your practice

Highest Quality

Made by experienced women-led US manufacturers


Selected materials that can be broken down for post-life use

Protection & Comfort

Named after the first African-American woman physician who dedicated her life to treating women and children, the Rebecca Crumpler offers a sustainable medical gown alternative that embraces the inclusivity and diversity in the medical workforce, while celebrating the partnership of women-owned and minority founded businesses made and sourced 100% in the USA

  • Durable, tested to withstand 50 washings

  • Fit for men and women. Available in sizes XS to XL

  • ANSI/AAMI PB70:2012 Certified to meet the liquid barrier performance requirements and classification of protective apparel and drapes intended for use in healthcare facilities

Return of Investment

Track cleaning to ensure all gowns are used to the fullest. See your progress towards environmental impact in real-time.

On average, AmorSui's customers can see saving in the following areas:

  • Cost
  • Solid waste
  • Greenhouse gas emissions

Intentions are easy. Implementation is hard.

Let us help!

Clean & Green
Medical Gowns Delivery Service

Deliver Gowns Lightning Fast

No washers? No problem! With our Viridi app, we make it possible for clinics to go green. Order gowns as needed for delivery when you want them. Track your sustainability impact with our mobile app.

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Great Quality

“This is the highest quality knit top I've worn.”
Susanna H.
PhD, Microbiologist

Comfort & Design

“Modern, Durable, and protective.”
Fizza M.
Chemistry Scientist

AmorSui: Everything we do
we do it with love

Join us in the mission for a greener and safer world!

Custom solutions
within 30 days

Going green should not be burdensome, especially when it comes to costs. We make it simple with our custom Zero-Waste washable gown program that fits your demand without requiring work on your end. Schedule a 30-min call with our Green consultant below and take the first step towards your greener practice.

AmorSui: Everything we do
we do it with love

Join us in the mission for a greener and safer world!