6 Facts About the Bioleta Line

AmorSui’s Bioleta line was inspired by our conversations with real women biochemists and medical researchers, to not only protect them at work but allow for seamless transitions from the bench to the boardroom. This line is great for women in the lab or other places who love stain-resistant clothing for their busy days. Any new moms in the house?

  1. Stain impermeable!

Double stain-resistant coatings repel the toughest stains (blood, urine, biological samples, etc) and exposure to bleach.

  1. High performance fabric for you!

After countless trips to Mood Fabric, our team selected a breathable, soft, and easy-to-manage fabric for women scientists on the go.

  1. No worries. Just throw them in the washing machine.

No trips to cleaners needed!

  1. Made for Real Women.

Our fashion design team knows women’s bodies like no other. We carefully selected silhouettes that flatter women’s curves while still embodying classic modern aesthetics.
  1. Pockets. Pockets. Pockets.

The dress, pants, and jacket in the Bioleta are equipped with pockets built to carry all your necessities.
  1. Perfect for building a capsule wardrobe.

All Bioleta pieces are designed to be mixed-and-matched.
Share with us how many ways you have worn your Bioleta!
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